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DirectX 9.29.1962 (9.0c)

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DirectX 9.29.1962 (9.0c) - Download 9.29.1962 (9.0c)

Download DirectX 9.29.1962 (9.0c)

Necessary Components
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- Operative systems: Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7

If you are a gamer and you use Windows as your operative system, then there is no doubt about the fact the you absolutely need to have installed DirectX.

Among all of todays games requirements, DirectX keeps adding new improvements to take advantage of our computer processing power.

The package includes a diagnosis tool called DXdiag that you can execute in order to search for possible driver conflicts or out of date files.

Even if ouy not that much of a gamer, if you download and run DirectX you will notice a great improvement in graphical and sound behaviour of your PC.

Keep in mind that installing DirectX modifies many register files so it is very difficult to have it uninstalled. We strongly recommend to create a restore point before installation.

Get a better graphic and sound without changing your hardware! Download it now from our servers, fast and secure.
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